Educational institutions are free to decide on student policy


Education Minister Dipu Moni said on Monday that educational institutions would decide whether or not to allow student politics on campus.

“The result of banning student politics in educational institutions is generally not good. This should also be taken into account,” she said.

The minister was speaking to reporters after attending a meeting on the public order situation during the SSC and equivalent exams in the capital.

Being involved in politics is a matter of an individual’s basic rights, Dipu Moni said.

“It is between a political party and an educational institute, what rule they have established and what understanding they have of student politics. The Ministry of Education does not decide or intervene in these matters,” the minister said.

“People have different opinions regarding allowing student politics in educational institutions, but there is no alternative to political awareness if we hope for a democratic society,” Dipu Moni added.

Politics is a healthy and positive thing and this positivity should be maintained during party politics in educational institutions, she said.

On August 13, former students of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) held a rally at its premises ahead of the National Day of Mourning under the banner of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL).

This has raised a storm of debate as political activities on the BUET campus have remained officially banned since the murder of student Abrar Fahad in 2019, by some BCl leaders at the university’s Sher-e-Bangla Hall.


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