Dutch Bros. employees can return to school with new education benefits



The best way to show your employees that you care about them in the present day is to invest in their future – and Dutch Bros. took the plunge.

The Oregon-based coffee chain recently announced that it has partnered with Bright Horizons EdAssist to offer its baristas and corporate employees a new educational benefits program, according to a press release. The benefit will allow employees to earn bachelor’s, master’s and short-term skills-based certification at no cost.

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“Financial barriers are one of the main reasons adult learners don’t return to school,” says Jill Buban, vice president and general manager of Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions. “So being able to pull that off is really great. “

Nearly half of working Americans say their education has become even more important to their growth in the past year, according to research conducted by Bright Horizons EdAssist. But despite an increase in want to, the data also found that 30% of working adults say that not having the money to pay for additional education is the biggest barrier to pursuing higher education.

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This is why Dutch Bros. made his offer as complete as possible. Expenses covered include tuition and textbooks – which can cost up to $ 2,000 per term, according to Buban. The offer also includes the Bright Horizon EdAssist Fast Track program, which allows employees to take a number of courses at their own pace.

While a traditional degree is not of interest to workers, the benefits program also offers an upgrade and retraining that can pave the way for additional positions within their current company.

“How do we plan for the future of our workforce? Buban said. “Employees feel really good about a company that invests in the future. A company that says “we are going to deliver an advantage so that you can achieve the goal you always had.” “



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