Dozens of Alaskans are spending the summer advancing education, earning free college credits with the Alaska Native Science and Engineering program


High school students prepare for college with science and math classes, living on campus and participating in interactive classes through Acceleration Academy (summer)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — This summer, more than 50 high school students from Alaska are participating in the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program Acceleration Academy component (summer). Hailing from all over Alaska, students will spend this summer in Anchorage to further their education and enhance their future by gaining access to advanced academic and career opportunities.

In the Acceleration Academy (Summer) component, students enroll in 1-2 college math or science courses and participate in interactive STEM modules, ranging from learning earthquake engineering with balsa wood towers to taking an in-depth look at biology with a dissection laboratory. Students earn free college credits and gain valuable hands-on experience while sharpening their social and professional skills.

Acceleration Academy (Summer) students live on the University of Alaska at Anchorage campus to gain knowledge and familiarize yourself with university life and have a place to connect with peers outside of the classroom. All eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders in Alaska are eligible to apply and participate in the component, which is available free to students and offers two five-week sessions.

The Acceleration Academy (Summer) was first introduced in 2009 and launched one of the most successful and impactful components of ANSEP: Acceleration Academy. The full-time component is available in Anchorage, Bethel, and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. A recent grant accelerated the component’s expansion plans in Dillingham, Kotzebue and Juneau. ANSEP is also adding a year-round residential component to the Anchorage campus to make the full-time component available to every student in Alaska. Applications for the Fall 2022 semester are currently being accepted for Anchorage, Bethel, Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Kotzebue, and the Anchorage-based residential option. Students and parents can register on to be automatically notified when the Dillingham and Juneau apps are released.

“Our full-time Acceleration Academy component grew out of the success of the summer residential component,” said ANSEP Founder and Vice President Dr. Herb Schroeder. “Acceleration Academy now offers students the opportunity to move from eighth grade to bachelor’s degree in just five years and save up to $70,000 in college expenses. It all started here with this summer component.

Students participating in the first session of the 2022 ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer) represent 11 different Alaskan communities:

  • Anchor: Liam Dudley, Moriah Humphries and DeVon Smith
  • Bethel: Atsaruaq Bill, Yila Jaque, Kennedy Johnson, Alyssa Motgin, Solstice Sell, Ethan Sparck and Kaylie St. Vincent
  • Dillingham: Liam Evans and Adalgisa Reigh
  • Eagle River: Kaden Jim and Luke Shaw
  • Homer: Alivia Fefelov
  • Juneau: Alicia Michels
  • Kotlik: Bev Anne Akaran
  • Matanuska-Sustina: Gunnar Allen
  • Names: Sara James, Isabella January and Kael Osborne
  • North Pole: Lily Ann Reece
  • Port Alexander: Sage Martin

The summer and full-time components of Acceleration Academy prepare students for college academically, socially, and professionally. Students can explore STEM careers, become eligible for scholarships, take advantage of networking opportunities, and save on future college costs by earning free college credits.

Elementary, middle, and high school students in Alaska who wish to participate in ANSEP can apply for other opportunities, including the K-5 STEM Connect components, STEM Career Explorations, Middle School Academy, Acceleration Academy, and Summer Bridge . To learn more about ANSEP and the opportunities available to Alaska students, visit



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