Child of Isha Sesay: ‘I never think I’ll be 46, divorced and pregnant as single by choice’


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Former CNN news anchor Isha Sesay isn’t announcing that she’s expecting her first pikin at the age of 46.

The British/Sierra Leonean journalist reveals what she says for her social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter).

“I have some important news to share with you…I’m PREGNANT!

She also shares her pregnancy journey on where she further reveals that she is divorced.

This is the first time the award-winning journalist and author has gone public to share details about her private life.

Isha writing for publication on says she never thinks that at the age of 46 she is divorced, single and born alone.

“If you tell a 16 year old that I say for the age of 46, I will be divorced, single and born alone – by choice! Icha tok.

“Back, I have ideas about the future of my personal life, and it doesn’t look like that. I imagine something simpler and I’m not afraid to say it, conventional. “

Wetin Isha Sesay talks about her marriage and her career

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Isha Sesay, the publishing manager where she writes for, says she’s been blessed to build her dream career over many years as a journalist.

She spent 13 years on the air for CNN International, traveling the world covering world events and interviewing presidents, movie stars and world leaders.

She publishes a book, becomes a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and creates a non-profit organization to help empower African girls,

She adds to say but for her moments of calm di one tin wey she wants most na to become a mother and this one remains out of reach.

Den regarding his marriage, Isha writes saying;

“A brief marriage to a nice man didn’t produce any children, and the year I turned 40 my mother had a bad stroke that left me no emotional space to think about what whatever and take care of her.”

“Six years have passed and a few months ago I found myself romantically involved with a man who takes about 12 hours to answer all my text messages, among the oda red flags.”

Isha says na de den after dia break, di idea hit her brain saying: Not giving birth to her pikin is going to be the biggest regret of her life.

And with her biological clock ticking, if she waits for the right man to show up before she does, the time isn’t right for her.

“I decide to take control of my life”

Renowned journalist and author Di reveals that she ultimately made one of the hardest decisions to get pregnant.

“So, I decided to take control of my life and settle for the bravest and scariest decision I’ve ever made: having a baby on my own.”

Isha says she’s been having long tok-tok with herself and trying to figure out the questions about what’s going to mean not getting support from a partner, both emotionally and financially.

She also talks about how she’s going to handle the society issue, and since she wants to be a single parent, she gets mean to her.

“I still don’t get all the answers, but I’m deciding to take the leap because I refuse to let fear, social convention, or judgment get in the way of having that joy.

“I don’t regret my decision”

Isha says she doesn’t regret her decision to get pregnant although the process isn’t easy.

She has plenty of appointments with different doctors and also blood work, pelvic exams, painful injections, medications that make her vomit and unexpected fibroid surgery.

Isha says the hardest part of her entire experience is the “emotional dimension” of her journey, particularly regarding her choice of sperm donor.

“The decision asked me to face questions regarding the significance of race, ethnicity, religion and my daddy pikin’s background.”

“I actually force myself to re-examine my own upbringing, my values ​​and my worldview. really kind, empathetic, open-minded?”

But in the end, Isha says she makes her decision on her own and has no regrets.

Isha Sesay shares her IVF journey

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Isha Sesay continues to reveal her attempt to look beautiful.

“My first IVF attempt was unsuccessful, and I cried well for days after that, before I found the strength to start all egg processing again a few months later.”

She says that with each pass, she becomes more and more afraid and worries about her chances of succeeding in becoming beautiful.

“This feeling only increased when my doctor decided to stop my second attempt mid-cycle because my body was reacting negatively to the medication.”

Isha says that after two failed attempts to look beautiful, she is approaching her third embryo transfer with low expectations.

And within two weeks of having the procedure, her mind started thinking out of control and she fought the urge to take an early pregnancy test.

“The day before they scheduled me to return to the clinic, I finally stopped worrying and bought a home test because I couldn’t bear to repeat the long wait before the clinic call me with the results.”

“The next morning, I get up well before the sun comes up, anxiously go to my bathroom and open the box.”

Isha says when the word “pregnant” flashes for her little screen, she screams and falls to her knees before bursting into tears.


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