California parents and children drop out of public schools with Governor Newsom’s attack on parent’s choice



Just hours after California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for all FDA-approved schoolchildren in California on Friday, requests for homeschooling and tutoring have dramatically increased, with some home schooling sites even scaling up the volume of users looking for help, the Globe reported.

Social media was on fire during this tenure, and many education experts spoke out as well.

Until monday, Statements issued by Governor Newsom of “education and public health officials in California and across the country” patting the governor on the back, “applauding” his term in office:

Carol Green, President of the California State Parent Teacher Association: California State PTA supports the use of vaccines to protect the health and safety of children and families across California.

President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten: “@CFTunion ready to work with Governor Newsom on Covid vaccines for children and staff, including mandatory vaccines (with appropriate exemptions) semester following full authorization. Good stopover by @GavinNewsom ”

California Teachers Association President E. Toby Boyd: “Teaching and learning is most effective in person, and the COVID-19 vaccine is a proven measure to prevent fatal illnesses, keep schools safe and open for in-person teaching, and will bring us closer to the possibility to save this devastating pandemic. behind us.

While these unions and interest groups now appear to prioritize adults over students, academics and education experts have expressed very different views on the announcement of Newsom’s mandate.

“It says a lot about who Gavin Newsom appreciates the most when you notice his press release places comments from the American Federation of Teachers, California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, and California School Employees Association at above the California Medical Association commentary, which is near the bottom, ”said Lance Izumi, senior director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute and author of the upcoming PRI book. The Homeschool Boom: Pandemic, Policies and Opportunities. “The comments from Fauci and the CMA are the real power influencers for the Newsom administration – teachers and staff unions and the public education blob. But Newsom and the Deep State of Public Education are half too smart because their top-down authoritarianism will push legions of parents and their children out of the public school system for home schooling. The current trend of unsubscribing is about to become a torrent. “

Lance Izumi, Pacific Research Institute. (Photo: April Izumi)

Izumi said said the COVID-19 pandemic “may have been the crack in the roadblock that has left parents frustrated with regular public schools.” Izumi Explain:

Across California, State Numbers spectacle that kindergarten to grade 12 enrollment fell by 160,000 students, a 3% drop and the largest drop in enrollment in twenty years.

In the Unified School District of Los Angeles, enrollment fell by 27,000 students, a drop of nearly 6%. The Los Angeles Times Noted that this percentage drop “is three times greater than what planners in the nation’s second-largest school district predicted.”

Even more worrying for the future of mainstream public schools is the drop in enrollment among the country’s youngest students.

Specifically, in California, Izumi noted a report from the National Center for Education Statistics of the US Department of Education found that “charter schools have seen enrollment increase for almost all racial and ethnic subgroups, while district public schools have seen enrollment. decrease for almost all racial and ethnic subgroups. Specifically, charter schools have seen a particularly large increase in the number of Asian, Filipino, Hispanic and multiracial students. District public schools have seen a particularly large decline in the number of white and black students.

Janelle Smiley, President of California Parents for Public Virtual Education and Mother of Two Online Charter School Graduates notedIn large part because of the educational disruption caused by the pandemic, many California parents have seen first-hand the failings of the traditional classroom brought to their kitchen tables. School closings and subsequent classroom zooms started out as a difficult inconvenience and quickly turned into a huge red flag. “

Smiley also cited the National Center for Education Statistics and California Charter Schools registered 15,283 new children enrolled in the 2020-2021 school year, an increase of 2.3% from the previous year. In contrast, the state’s public schools saw a drop of 175,761 students, a decrease of 3.2%.

Izumi says that “as public schools continue to grapple with controversial reopening policies, unpopular wake-up calls, and unresponsive top-down edicts, parents, as the Census Bureau observes,” are increasingly open to options beyond the neighborhood school. ‘ This is why home schooling, in particular, will be the educational wave of the future.

Governor Newsom and the teachers’ unions continue to push parents into the arms of charter schools and into homeschooling options with decisions such as the schoolchildren’s immunization mandate. With so many students already locked up in failing California public schools, the choice of school could very well be the civil rights crusade of our time.

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