Building a Global Academic Exchange Platform in Orthodontics – A-TECH 2022 Conference Held Successfully


SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From June 20e at 26e, A-TECH 2022 Conference was hosted by ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC, China’s leading provider of seamless digital alignment products and services. Under the theme “Together into the future” of this year’s A-TECH, dozens of prestigious orthodontic experts from around the world were invited to present its clinical experience, cutting-edge technologies and innovative achievements in the field. of orthodontics. The A-TECH conference attracted over 700,000 views online.

Professor Ravindra Nanda, of the University of Connecticut, editor of “Progress in Orthodontics” and adjunct professor at the Forsyth Institute, was invited as a special guest speaker at the conference. Over the past 20 years, clear aligners have become very popular among new orthodontic technologies. Professor Nanda said clear aligner treatment and digital dentistry have been of particular interest to him in recent years, and this is where much of his research and clinical experience has been focused. He is delighted with the presence of ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. in the world market.

Orthodontic treatment with digital transparent aligners is one of the hottest topics in the global dental industry and one of the significant factors driving innovation and growth in the industry. As a well-known clear aligner company, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. provides physicians with a comprehensive, one-stop digital service from patient consultation to orthodontic treatment completion.

ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. has extensive experience in assisting physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cases. Over the years of exploration, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC., together with dental experts, continuously promotes cooperation in innovation activities, and has fully integrated digital technology to launch a variety of innovative solutions, products and technologies. . This is greatly facilitated by the company’s interdisciplinary R&D capabilities in five main areas: clinical stomatology, biomechanics, materials science, computing and smart manufacturing technology. At the same time, the company has also built a reliable technology and data platform to provide more targeted and reliable solutions for complex cases.

Professor Eric Ting, of the Forsyth Institute, believes that the evolution of materials and the exploration of transparent aligner technology are of great importance in the treatment of dental extractions. Stiffness and elasticity are two contradictory properties of a material, but all types of materials must achieve a balance between them. The newly launched masterControl S material by ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. in 2021 has six characteristics that are crucial for a clear treatment of aligners. Its multi-layer structure is integrated with the excellent properties of various materials, which greatly improves the efficiency of comprehensive treatment.

According to the report of China Insights Consultancy (CIC), a renowned consulting company, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. gained the highest market share of 41.1% in Mainland China in 2021.

In order to enhance academic exploration and cooperation in the field of orthodontics, and to promote the integration of clinical practice and academic research, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. has been organizing the A-TECH conference since 2014. Every year, leading experts are invited to share new fruits of exploration. and applications in events for the development of digital stomatology. After 9 years of development, the A-TECH conference has become a major event in the spotlight in the dental field.

During the A-TECH 2022 conference, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. unveiled the A7 Speed ​​premolar extraction solution, an enhanced high-efficiency protocol, and iOrtho 10.0. The A7 Speed ​​Bicuspid Extraction Protocol can synchronize mesialization of posterior teeth with retraction of anterior teeth to improve the overall efficacy of extraction treatment while providing expected results. iOrtho, developed by ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. is an integrated digital orthodontics intelligent service platform. Version 10.0 offers upgrades in five function modules. In particular, the innovative remote monitoring system in orthodontic treatment enables doctors to easily guide patients to take standard intraoral pictures themselves wherever and whenever they are, so that doctors can monitor the patients’ intraoral conditions and provide specific instructions.

Ms. Li Huamin, Founder and CEO of ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. emphasized in his speech at the conference: “ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. adheres to the same belief and love for what we do from the very beginning, and adopts innovative changes. on the healthy and long-term development of the ‘whole industry based on the integration of interdisciplinary technologies.And we will continue to promote innovation in clinical medical products and solutions, innovation in digital products, technologies and concepts, and innovation in medical services and organizational management models, to foster the vigorous development of digital orthodontics in the global market.”


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