Auburn University Launches Mobile Student IDs for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android Devices



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Auburn University is going contactless. The university announced today that its Tiger Card can now be added as a mobile student ID card to compatible iPhone, Apple Watch or Android devices. Students, faculty and staff will be able to use Mobile ID to access campus buildings, purchase meals and more.

The campus-issued mobile ID adds a level of convenience and accessibility to the popular Tiger Card and can be used anywhere a plastic ID card is used, both on and off campus. Once stocked, users simply present an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone to NFC-enabled devices to pay for food, vending machines, or laundry, or open exterior and interior doors to campus buildings and residences.

“We are excited to launch contactless technology in Auburn this fall,” said Bobby R. Woodard, senior vice president of student affairs. “It’s something our students wanted, and we’ve worked hard to provide the safest, most secure, and most convenient method of accessing buildings and services on campus.”

Auburn has worked with industry-leading technology provider CBORD as well as the global access and security provider [Allegion or HID] to activate this completely contactless solution.

“At Auburn, we strive to bring the best technologies to our students, and now we are making a radical change to our identity solution with the Mobile ID Project,” said Kevin Watson, Director of Business Technology students. “We’re sure our students will appreciate a faster and more secure way to use the Tiger Card from their phones as the program rolls out this fall. “

In addition to convenient access to campus card activity, contactless credentials can also be issued, revoked or reactivated instantly and remotely, providing an additional level of control and fraud protection for the university.

“I love the convenience of having easy access to buildings and restaurants on campus,” said Jason Lee, senior at Auburn. “This is one of the many things I love about Auburn – the way the university always prioritizes the student experience and advances technology to our advantage. “

As of today, Auburn Tiger cardholders now have access to the new Mobile Campus ID and can follow step-by-step instructions to provide mobile credentials.

“The campus card, whether traditional plastic or mobile, is central to a student’s daily routine. From access to their university residence and university buildings to reading library books, the gym and meals in the common dining rooms, the student card is used often and everywhere, ”said Jeff Koziol, PACS Business Development Consultant at Allegion. “Auburn University’s upgrade to mobile credentials improves the student experience with the various Schlage readers on campus, while providing a contactless scenario when interacting with readers,” which is important during a pandemic. Mobile credentials can be distributed remotely on a self-service basis, with control always being maintained by the campus, eliminating the need for frequent trips or long queues at a campus card office.

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