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In a meeting Wednesday, the board of directors of ARIN Interim Unit 28 of the Federal United States Relief Program Fund to address the specific needs of homeless children and adolescents that arose in fiscal years 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24. Accepted $ 372,962.

The money is provided through an Emergency Relief Fund for Homeless Children and Youth in Elementary and Secondary Schools at the Department of Education in Pennsylvania.

In the personnel dispute, the Board approved the following:

• Full-time employment of Paraprofess Christine Van Horn, $ 11.50 per hour. Qualified Professional Advisor Megan Labutka earns $ 42,000 per year. And Alexa Emmonds, a special education teacher, was making $ 48,599.20 per year.

• Mollie Little’s employment has grown from a part-time position (80%) to a full-time paraprofessor position. Sophia Shadid is a part-time or full-time occupational therapist. Valérie Beck with is from full-time accounting technician II to part-time accounting technician (50%) II. Valerie Beckwith from Part-time Accounting Technician II (50%) to Part-time Accounting Technician II (50%) and Part-time Accounting Assistant (50%).

• Brooke Des Lauriers, a student at Indiana University in Pennsylvania, is working with co-teacher Eric Misko as a former student teacher in the fall of 2021.

• Resignation of Anna Riexinger, adult education trainer. Hamdi Echkaou, Paraprofessional in education. And Daniel Madill, professor of special education.

• Apply for Retirement Benefits by Helen Faith.

The board also congratulated ARINI U28 specialist secretary Regina Madey for her overall efforts.

The Board of Directors will enter into a parental transportation contract with General Secretary Dr. Brigette D. Matson for the transportation of children during the 2021-202 school year and a contract to provide financial support services to PAIUnet. Approved.

In addition, Matson retroactively approved the renewal of a construction lease agreement with Oz Complex LLC for the ARIN Early Intervention Program, and ARINI U28 CFO Clifford A. Geary signed a contract with UGI Energy Services. LLC. Approved to renew and expand to supply natural gas. Gas service at IU Headquarters in White Township.

The board also adopted a revised policy on virtual meetings / virtual participation and the use of live video, as well as updates to the ARINI U28 health and safety plan.

The directors of ARIN also authorized the secretary of the Education Council of IU28 to vote on behalf of these candidates for the Association of the Education Council of Pennsylvania. Allison Mathis as Vice President. Richard Frerichs, William LaCoff, Nathan Mains as Trustees of AOSP Insurance Trust.

The next regular meeting of the board of directors will be held on October 19 at 7 p.m. If circumstances permit, the board of directors will meet directly at the registered office.

Otherwise, the meeting originates from the central office and is effectively conducted by Zoom.

ARIN IU 28 Obtain ARP funding | Local News

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