65 LISD and UISD teachers named laureates


In an effort to enhance the public education of Laredoans, Dr Michael A. Hochman – the local retinal surgeon and ophthalmologist – endowed funds to fund the 20th annual Rochelle and Sidney Hochman Education Support Fellowship.

These grants are available to local public school teachers in the Laredo Independent School District and the United Independent School District.

The winners of the 2021-22 school year, made up of 65 teachers from LISD and UISD, are as follows:


Theresa Riojas, Laura Bruni Vergara Midfielder

Della Garcia, Centeno Elementary School

Selena Perez, Clark Elementary

Melissa Basurto, Clark Elementary

Rosalinda Canales-Aviles, Clark Middle

Yvonne Casso, Colonel Santos Elementary School

Sylvia Martinez, Colonel Santos Elementary School

Elda Pullin, Cuellar Elementary School

Eva Rossell-Rodriguez, Fasken Elementary

Anna Fuentes, Finley Elementary

Rebecca Adan, Finley Elementary

Diana Ramirez, Finley Elementary

Michelle Martinez, Finley Elementary

Gabriela Garza, Gonzalez Middle

Cindy Garza, Gutierrez primary

E. Villarreal, Kazen primary

Jennifer Rubio, Kazen Primary

Ana Luisa Solis, Kazen primary

Linda Aguilar, Killam Primary School

Selinda Martinez, LBJ High 9th

Paula Arias, LBJ High 9th

Sara Alicia Santos, LBJ High

Kavita Gidwani, LBJ High

Barbara Irene Benavides, Los Obispos Middle

Erica Ruiz Sicairos, Muller primary

Krystal Molina, Nye Elementary

Amanda Cruz Juarez, Lincoln Elementary

Adriana L. Chapa, Trautman Elementary School

Erika Hernandez, United Middle

Stephania Quintero, United High 9th

Chelsea Hinojosa, United South Middle

Nydia Quezada, George Washington Middle

Adriana Y. Chapa, Zaffirini Elementary School

Claudia Martinez, Zaffirini Primary


Alyssa M. Garcia, Cigarroa High

Elaine Ibarra, Cigarroa High

Maribel Valdez-Rodriguez, Nixon High

Kamel Shrek, Nixon High School

San Juana Jimenez, Daiches elementary school

Carla Lopez, Daiches Elementary School

Virginia Juarez, Hachar Primary

Gabriella H. Rodriguez, Leyendecker Primary

Pilar York / Ricardo Martinez, Leyendecker Elementary School

Leticia Olivarez, Leyendecker Elementary School

Karla Denisse Garcia, Dennis Cantu Early College High

Claudia Gomez, Primary Honoré Lagarde

Estela Rosales, Martin Elementary

Ernestina Quiroga, Ryan Elementary

Diana Wico, Ryan Elementary

Claudia Pena, Ryan Elementary

Lupita Lopez, Ryan Elementary

Maria Y. Yruegas, Lamar Middle

Ana Lozoya, Lamar Midfielder

Evelyn Garay, Lamar Middle

Tatiana Thalia Tenorio, Lamar Middle

Sarah Bustamante, Lamar Middle

Cheryl Carielo, Lamar Middle

Norma Delgado, Lamar Midfielder

Genelle Gutierrez, Lamar Middle

Martha Laura Garcia, Lamar Middle

Jenny Torres, Lamar Middle

Yanira Garcia, Lamar Midfielder

Karla Estrada, Lamar Middle

Samantha Ruiz, Lamar Middle

Abel Garcia, Lamar Midfielder

A total of $ 10,000 in scholarships was awarded to teachers in Laredo this school year. The endowment is designed to benefit the learning experience of students at Laredo by providing teachers with an additional resource for classroom needs critical to the learning process. $ 10,000 has been set aside for local teachers in both school districts for the current school year.

During the first 19 years of the charitable grant, approximately 850 teachers received grants ranging from $ 100 to $ 500, depending on the needs of each class. Competitive grants are awarded to support the classrooms of the public schools in Laredo in the form of additional supplies, equipment and other educational materials.

Hochman is the physician specializing in diabetic and retinal eye disease and cataract surgery in Laredo. He moved from Boston to Laredo 23 years ago. Education has been an essential part of Hochman’s life, and he relishes the opportunity to help others.

“I created the grant many years ago because I wanted to help local public schools,” Hochman said. “I myself was a product of public school, which of course played a vital role in my academic, professional and personal success. I know local funding is limited so I would like to do my part to help the students in Laredo get the best education possible. The children in our community represent our future and helping them receive the quality education they deserve creates a solid foundation for Laredo’s continued success. Since my mother was a teacher in a public school and my sister also teaches, the importance of helping children in our community receive a great public education is not lost on me.


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