$100,000 grant from Aflac to fund wellness education program in Rockbridge

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The Rockbridge Area Health Center was awarded a $100,000 community grant from Aflac last week to advance local medical outcomes through a school-based wellness education program.

The grant will also provide funding for a multidisciplinary program to increase prenatal and postnatal care, according to a press release. Lexington Mayor Frank Friedman has recognized June 29 as “Aflac Day” to encourage citizens to improve their health and plan for life’s unexpected challenges.

Community CareGrants close health and wealth gaps through local organizations, and funds are disbursed through Alfac’s Close the Gap initiative to educate, support and advocate for medical debt.

According to Aflac Care Index, a national study that examines Americans’ awareness and exposure to medical debt, Virginia is one of 11 states where residents exceed the national average in vulnerability to medical debt. The study indicates that 68% of Virginia respondents reported savings that were less than or equal to their maximum out-of-pocket.

The Community CareGrant presentation last Wednesday was in conjunction with the installation of an Aflac park bench in Kids Playce Park in Lexington. The bench is a physical manifestation of Aflac’s commitments to education, support and advocacy to help close the gap. A bench will be installed in each community that receives a CareGrant.


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