10 tips to find the happiness within you


Sadhguru is an Indian yoga guru who has been teaching yoga in South India since 1982. Seeing life and happiness through his eyes and mindset is worth seeing. So, let’s go through some Sadhguru tips on how to be happy.

  1. Recognize that being joyful is a basic responsibility of you
    The first and most essential task of a human being is to become a joyful being. Happiness is not the most important element of life. It is the most fundamental element of life. What else can you do with your life if you are unhappy? Wonderful opportunities can only open up if you are satisfied.

  2. Recognize that joy is your natural state
    Whatever you pursue in life, be it business, study, travel, etc., you do it because you have a deep belief that it will bring you happiness. Because happiness is the original nature, every action we take on this earth stems from a desire to be happy. You were just happy when you were a kid. That’s how you are. You have control over the source of your happiness.

  3. Put things in their place
    Did you notice how the sun came up this morning? Everything in nature is in its place. Suffering occurs primarily due to most people’s loss of perspective on what life is. Their psychological process has overtaken the existential process, or to put it another way, you have elevated your little creation above the Creator’s creation.

  4. Take a look at the spirit for what it is
    What you call “my mind” is really not yours. You don’t have your own thoughts. Please examine it closely. What you call “my mind” is really society’s trash. Everyone who walks past you is trying to stick something in your head. In fact, you have no choice in what you get from each person. This waste can be valuable if you know how to treat and use it.

  5. Change your mindset from psychological to existential
    When we speak of a spiritual process, we are referring to a psychological to existential transition. Life is about recognizing and experiencing the creation that is right in front of you, not manipulating it as you wish. In other words, if you want to step into existential reality, all you have to do is see that it doesn’t matter what you believe and feel. If your thought or emotion is important, you will automatically devote all of your attention to it. It is, however, a psychological fact. This has no bearing on the existential.

  6. Stop chasing and start expressing yourself
    Do not seek happiness. Know how to share your joy with the rest of the world. When you look back on your life, you will notice that the most beautiful moments are when you express your pleasure rather than seek it.

  7. Smile
    Your first “task” in the morning is to smile. Because even waking up is an important achievement. So be happy because you woke up.

  8. Don’t forget to smile
    For many people, an hour is enough to forget about it, and their reptile brain is ready to bite someone. Give yourself time every hour to remind yourself how important life is. If you are a particularly sensitive person, remind yourself every half hour. Remind yourself every five minutes if you are extremely insensitive. Remembering only takes 10 seconds. “I’m alive, you’re alive”, we could say in less than two seconds.

  9. Transform what’s inside
    The clothes you wear, your degrees, your family history or your bank accounts no longer determine the quality of your existence. On the contrary, how serene and joyful you are in yourself determines the quality of your existence.

  10. Stop comparing with others
    The majority of individuals are unhappy because they compare themselves to another person. Those who rely on external circumstances to be happy will never experience true joy in their lives. It is time to turn inward and reflect on how we might achieve personal well-being.

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